Be my Bridesmaid?

February 27, 2018

When I was preparing to ask my ladies to be my bridesmaids two years ago, I knew that I wanted to create a memorable experience. What's more memorable than a beautiful gift box?!

I put these boxes together at the perfect time. It was right after Valentines Day, so all things sweet and pink were on clearance. Score! I found the boxes at Michaels, along with the wood gift tags that I hand-lettered. The bath bombs and pink chocolate bars were Target finds, and the pink champagne was a sweet addition that I picked up at my local grocery store. I found fancy striped straws at the dollar store to making sippin' that bub even cuter. Lastly, the square photo frames were from Target. They were black, but I really wanted to stick with a blush and gold theme, so I spray painted them in the tiny bathroom in our apartment. The DIY life is real...

The only thing that could have made these boxes cuter is some personalized wine glasses! Ya feel me? I wish that past-Meghan knew as much as present-Meghan, because present-Meg has got an Etsy shop full of personalized glassware!

How cute are these stemless wine glasses?!

If your ladies aren't wine drinkers, these mugs are another great choice!

There is no doubt that your ladies will be thrilled with your proposal! Check out the links below to put together your own bridesmaid box!

personalized stemless wine glasses //
personalized mugs //
striped straws //
gold square photo frame (easier than DIY, and so cute!) //
pink bath bomb //
pink chocolate bar // or

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