Decorating When you Have a Dog

March 11, 2018

So, you've got a dog. And your dog is the best dog in the whole world. And you want everyone to know it. I'm with ya. Scout is a beautiful, energetic yellow Labrador, and he has stollen our hearts. When he came into our lives last September, he took over our house. We had to adjust a few aspects of our decor to accommodate him.

Whether you are a new dog parent or an old pro, read on to discover decor that is dog-friendly AND easy on the eyes.

Keep your leashes handy

Your dog needs to go outside. Now. Where's the leash? Keep your leashes in order by hanging up some wall hooks. We use them to for collars, keys, sunglasses, and earbuds too.

Wrangle the toys

Dog toys can make a BIG mess. We like to keep them accessible to Scout, but we don't want them laying all over the house. This basket has been great. It blends into our living room decor, and it is low enough that Scout can search through it for his special, squeaky cheeseburger whenever he wants it. 

Such a good boy

Food is my favorite motivator. It works on Scout too. Keep treats handy so that you can reward good behavior immediately. We're loving this hanging treat holder. We keep it right inside our front door so that we can reward Scout for doing his thang in the yard instead of on the carpet. Ya feel me? 

We also keep this cute jar on our kitchen counter. We get so many compliments on this. It's available with any breed's silhouette and your dog's name or "good boy/girl." 

Sweet dreams

Some dog beds look like dog beds. This one is stylish AND comfortable. It's orthopedic memory foam, and I may or may not have taken a nap on it sans doggo...

Having a dog does not mean having a mess! We've loved adding Scout-related decor to our home. Check out our Etsy shop for custom treat holders! Click the posts below to shop.

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