How to Apply a Vinyl Decal

March 11, 2018

Organizing your pantry with vinyl decals is stylish and smart. Check out our Etsy shop for custom vinyl labels!

If you have already purchased our vinyl decals, read on to find out how to apply them to your containers, shelves, canisters, and more!

Step One: Clean the Surface

Use warm, soapy water to remove any dust and oils from the surface you will apply your label to. Allow the surface to completely dry before applying the label.

Step Two: Remove the Backing

Carefully peel the clear plastic layer and the vinyl decal away from the white backing. Make sure that the vinyl is not sticking to the white backing. If it is, allow the clear layer to fall back into its original place, and firmly press on the top of the plastic to adhere the vinyl to it.

Step Three: Position your Decal

Carefully position the vinyl decal and the attached clear plastic layer to your surface. If you are having trouble making it level, fill the container with water and use that as a level. 

Step Four: Press and Peel

Use the included card or a credit card to smooth out the clear plastic layer. Run the edge of the card over the clear plastic layer in every direction. Also, use your fingers to press the clear plastic layer firmly over the decal so that the decal sticks to the surface. Then, beginning at one corner, slowly peel away the clear plastic layer. The vinyl decal should remain on the surface. If it begins to pull away, allow the clear plastic layer to fall back to its original position. Apply more pressure, and peel back the clear plastic layer again. 

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