Thrift Find: A Rustic Bench

March 03, 2018

One of my most thrilling thrift store finds was this bench. It is really something special. I have no idea how old it is, but it's definitely been through the ringer. It's scratched up, a little warped, but super sturdy and oh-so beautiful. When I leave a thrift shop empty-handed but with a particular item lingering on my mind, I know I've made a mistake. I know that I must get my hands on that item.

The moment I realized this bench was meant to be mine, I forked over the $6.99 to make it happen. A moment of silence please for this deal. SIX. NINETY. NINE. But, Meghan, this bench looks like junk. Why did you pay money for it? This bench may be my soulmate. Knowing that it has served its purpose for more years than I have existed on this Earth brings me joy. And that's what home decor is all about, folks. Joy.

I've styled this bench in a few different ways. When we lived in an apartment and were tight on space, it was a great staple for our living and dining room. This bench was the perfect piece of furniture to separate the two rooms and provide much needed seating. Our dining room table has four chairs, and we often host friends and need more seating. Another perfect purpose.

Last year, we bought a house and the bench moved with us. It is now in our front entryway, and it gives us a great spot to sit while putting on our shoes.

This bench is the cheapest piece of furniture I've ever bought. It is also one of my favorites. Check out your local thrift store to find your own treasures!

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